Non-standard vacuum equipment

Ostec Corporate Group is the largest engineering company in Russia and the CIS countries with a 30-year history. It comprises 10 business units of different technological directions.

Working in close cooperation with customers and leading European manufacturers, the Ostec-EC business unit has formed its own vacuum equipment production. It includes the Design Department, the Automated Process Control System Department and the Assembly Production.

The Ostec-EC develops and assembles different vacuum systems for various technology processes according to individual design drawings:

  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Vacuum sputtering systems
  • Equipment for testing and calibration procedure
  • Leak-test systems and equipment
  • Vacuum pumping systems of different application
Non-standard vacuum equipment
+7 (495) 788-44-44 (multi-line phone)
Please ask the operator to connect you to the Ostec-EC.

Proven design solutions
Applying new and already proven design solutions.

  • 30 % reduction in power consumption.
  • Modern look of the equipment.
  • 24 months equipment warranty.
Unified components line
High quality components of European and Russian manufacturers.
High level of automation
Own Software (with possibility of adaptation to customer requirements).

  • Automated and manual modes of production.
  • Equipment safety.
  • Automatic data archiving.
< 7
days draft design preparation time
> 10
years average experience of design engineers in the industry
> 140
number of projects completed by the division employees
full-time developers