ООО «Остек-ЭТК»
Молодогвардейская ул., д. 7, стр. 4, Москва, Россия, 121467
Тел.: +7 (495) 788-44-44, факс: +7 (495) 788-44-42,
www.ostec-group.ru, info@ostec-group.ru, etc@ostec-group.ru
ИНН 7731481052, КПП 773101001, ОГРН 5147746189058,
ОКПО 17183453
About Ostec

Ostec is the largest innovations and researching corporate group in the field of integrated solutions for manufacture, testing and control of electronic equipment, electronic and electrical components, printed-circuit boards. The company provides all range of operations for creation of high-efficiency assembly factories – from performance of enterprise audit to fine-tuning of the process using the Client’s products with subsequent technological support of the production.

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