ООО «Остек-ЭТК»
Молодогвардейская ул., д. 7, стр. 4, Москва, Россия, 121467
Тел.: +7 (495) 788-44-44, факс: +7 (495) 788-44-42,
www.ostec-group.ru, info@ostec-group.ru, etc@ostec-group.ru
ИНН 7731481052, КПП 773101001, ОГРН 5147746189058,
ОКПО 17183453


Five areas of product and process improvement:

  1. Research
  2. Planning
  3. Design engineering
  4. Equipping
  5. Support

Ostec Group offers its clients a long-term partnership based on the continuous improvement of production capabilities together with the technological development in the world and the expansion of the product range. Research, analysis, planning, and design, which we carry out without fail as part of integrated projects, eliminate probable errors in the organisation of production processes in enterprises. Ostec is a partner that clients can trust at any time and in any difficult situation that arises in a rapidly changing market.