Equipment and technology promotion policy

We pay great attention to the promotion of our technological solutions based on high-tech equipment. We use the most advanced technologies and tools to advertise and promote our products and services. To be efficient promoters, we involve our suppliers in promotional projects that are run on the joint budget. Depending on the budget available, the promotional activities include:

  • joint participation in the ElectronTechExpo exhibition;
  • joint organisation of seminars;
  • joint copywriting and publication of articles in the press;
  • publication and distribution of flyers and catalogues;
  • joint advertising on the Internet, etc.

Marketing and advertising professionals of Ostec Corporate Group consult the interested parties and our partners on the joint promotional projects.



Every year we participate in more than 20 specialised exhibitions. The largest exhibition that Ostec participates in and invites the suppliers to is the ElectronTechExpo International Exhibition.

Informational support

We strive to be the first ones on the market to disseminate knowledge on the latest technological solutions to our customers. That is why we publish The Hi-Tech Vector Journal dedicated to:

  • news of science and education;
  • announcement of advanced technologies;
  • analytical reviews of the industry;
  • recommendations on ensuring quality and reliability;
  • recommendations on cost optimisation;
  • interviews with manufacturers’ representatives.

In 2010, Coombs’ Printed Circuits Handbook by Clyde F.Coombs, JR was fully translated into Russian and published with the active assistance of Ostec’s experts. In 2012, IPC InterNational Technology Roadmap for Electronic Interconnections from Association Connecting Electronics Industries was translated into Russian. Apart from that, we translated over one hundred popular IPC standards of the Association Connecting Electronics Industries. We translate technical documentation and equipment manuals on a regular basis.



As part of the advertising activity, we yearly update of our promotional and informational materials. Special brochures describe the technological solutions and equipment.


Opinions on the Asold symposium

It’s the first time I visit Ostec’s event. First of all, I would like to mention the enormous work performed by Ostec’s employees. Everything was to the highest of standards. My best thanks to you! All presentations provided answers to the questions of interest. I will certainly give my recommendations to the management of our company to cooperate with Ostec Company. Thanks! (Following the results of 3D-MID conference).
The conference was conducted at a high level. Excellent exchange of information with foreign manufacturers, live communication, great experts were invited. I wish you further fruitful work in respect of 3D-MID and annual 3D-MID conferences. (Following the results of 3D-MID conference).
The Asold symposium is an important resource of information that can be employed to enhance the technological and management outlook of professionals specialising in manufacturing development». (Following the results of Asold symposium)
Russia lacks an innovative development strategy analysis centre. The Internet proves this fact. The tasks of such a centre related to electronics and radio electronics are partially accomplished by the the Asold symposium. We would like to amplify this function in the future. (Following the results of Asold symposium)
I believe that the crops sown by Ostec in the Russian radio electronics field will produce a good harvest, and the Russian radio electronics will be able to compete with the equipment from the developed countries. And from that time on — keeping pace with them! (Following the results of Asold symposium)

Symposiums and seminars

We are constantly monitoring the market trends and the latest technologies in order to timely inform our customers about them at specially organised workshops and seminars.

The Asold International Symposium is a large-scale event that gathers representatives from all areas of the electronics industry. This is a great opportunity for our customers to obtain the most actual information from the electronics industry experts, to discuss topical issues at the round table, to share experience, and to make agreements on the mutually beneficial collaboration with companies from all over the world.

In October, 2013, the first Russian conference dedicated to the advanced technology of 3D molded interconnected devices (3D-MID) production was held. Over two hundred representatives of manufacturers showed their interest to the event where Russian and foreign reporters made their presentations.

One of the crucial factors of the development of industrial enterprises is the continuous training of our customers’ personnel. Every year we have held more than 40 specialised seminars dedicated to the latest technological solutions for product improvement and production efficiency enhancement. Our best experts are speakers at these seminars.