Company anniversary - 25 years of experience!

Development and start-up of production of our own products: «Logos», «Potok», «Uley», «CDS-200», «Sintiz».

Start supplying equipment for own Manufacturing facilities. Opening of a production plant by Multiple Dimensions for a large-scale manufacture of products using 3D-MID technology.

Reorganisation of Ostec into Ostec Group Corporate. Start of publication of the research and practice magazine Hi-Tech Vector. Holding the 1st Russian 3D-MID conference.

Creation of the Research Institute of Innovative Technologies (CJSC RIIT). Obtaining of QMS international certificate in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

The company’s 20th anniversary! Launch of the first production project: production of industrial furniture under the brand name GEFESD.

Creation of the new business direction: Development of Education and Applied Research.

Creation of the new business direction: Chemical and Technological Solutions. Establishment of the Chief Technologist Team. QMS certification in accordance with the GOST RISO 9001-2008.

Ostec launched the first phase of its long-term strategy aiming to transform the company into one of the most efficient companies in the world. Resumption of International Symposium ASOLD.

Creation of a new business direction of comprehensive fitting-out of workplaces subsidiaries (CJSC Ostec-ArtTool).
Start of work in the QMS in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2001.
New business direction: microelectronics, electrical components.

Creation of the technological centre for research and support of the try-out of new technologies on clients’ products. Start of the new business direction: Solution for testing.

Opening of Ukrainian subsidiary NPF Ostec. Start of the promotion of IPC international standards.

Organisation of regular technical seminars for advanced training of industry professionals.

Moving into the own building. Creation of Russia’s first showroom with a permanent exhibition of advanced technologies. Delivery of the first line for mass production with a capacity of up to 100,000 components per hour.

Implementation of the first comprehensive projects for the leading Russian assembly enterprises: Altonica, Fastvel, Elara, LVS Electronics, and others.

Introduction of the first Russian high-volume automated assembly line for the production of telecommunications equipment.

Start of the promotion of solutions for highvolume production together with Philips EMT, The Netherlands.

Creation of the service and customer support department. Start of the supply of consumable materials for soldering and cleaning.

The first issue of the information newsletter “Surface Mounting”. Regular publishing of the newsletter from 1998.

Start of supplies of imported surface-mount equipment. Introduction of the first set of automated assembly equipment based on the elementary-level automat for the production of TV tuners.

Active work aimed at the promotion and marketing of the surface-mount technology. The first international symposium Asold on the surfacemount technology in Russia and the CIS.

Registration of Ostec Enterprise. The first work to improve the producibility of the industrial video camera and replace traditional components with surfacemount components.