Digital process control system “LOGOS”

The digital process control system “LOGOS” is a business management tool designed to solve sets of tasks at all senior management levels. The system comprises software and infrastructure for control, distribution, transfer and storage of information related to main and auxiliary manufacturing processes.

The digital process control system “LOGOS” allows to structure the entire flow of information about the manufacturing process and display it in any form required by particular user. This allows managers at any level to effectively control manufacturing processes, making decisions based on complete, reliable and appropriate (on-time) information.

Harness test system Uley

Designed to measure resistance, electric capacitance, insulation resistance, and to provide hipot dielectric strength test in order to identify defects in mounting and cable products in the course of development, manufacturing and testing of electric devices.

Borey (Борей)

System of microabrasive deleting moisture protecting covers


System for plotting and removal of protective polymer

Umnaya liniya (Умная линия)

Hardware and software system for increase in overall effectiveness of assembly erection facilities.


The program and analytical complex intended for increase in efficiency and balance of operation of processing equipment and the engineering systems of industrial enterprise


The Potok mobile interactive assembly board

Developing and assembling of non-standard vacuum equipment: vacuum furnaces, vacuum sputtering systems, leak-test systems, vacuum test equipment and vacuum pumping systems of different application.